Encrypted File Syncing with Cryptomator

Free client-side encryption for your cloud files. Open source software: No backdoors, no registration.

Do you use a cloud storage provider such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Nextcloud, or Syncthing to store personal and private documents? Although most of these options provide encryption at rest, the provider controls the encryption key and could have access to your files. What happens to those files if someone gains unauthorized access to your account, computer, phone, or with a warrant? Luckily, Cryptomator is here to save the day and make it pretty simple in securing your files. Setup your cloud storage provider’s client like you usually would on your computer and phone. Instead of dropping your files directly into that directory, open Cryptomator to create or open a “vault.” A vault is what Cryptomator calls its encrypted containers, and each vault can have a different password. (I also recommend using different passwords because if one is compromised, then all of them are.)

How Cryptomator works

Cryptomator opens its vaults in a virtual hard drive. This process ensures that your data is never unencrypted with the cloud storage provider. You make your changes to the files you need inside the virtual hard drive, and Cryptomator does on the fly encryption to only the file that changed. This method is more straightforward than the old way of having to download a substantial encrypted zip file, making the changes, and then reuploading the considerable file. That’s a lot of wasted data usage.


I use Syncthing and Nextcloud; both clients work in the background to keep my files synced across my devices and servers. When I need access to my files, I open Cryptomator, select the vault I need, enter my password, and BAM! There are my files on my device, but if you log into the server, you’ll see the encrypted files on the cloud.

Cryptomator makes an application for Windows, MacOSX, Android, and iOS. The desktop versions are free to use from their website, but you’ll have to buy the mobile versions. They recently released a new version and licensing method for those who do not use Google Play Services on their Android device, check it out their EARLY ACCESS here and use coupon code "NOPLAYSTORE" during checkout for 50% off.


Randy Rowland
Randy Rowland
Security Engineer

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