Pandora Radio on Android ROMs

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I am currently running GrapheneOS on my Pixel 3a to improve my security and privacy by removing all the Google Play Services. The downside was there was no Pandora Music. I tried first to use the Fennec browser with a desktop user-agent but the results were not good. The latest version of the microG Project worked perfect. Here are the steps I did to get Pandora up and running on GrapheneOS and will probably work on most Android ROMs that do not include the Google Play Services.

Doing this procedure increases your attack surface and reduces privacy.
  1. Install F-Droid apk
  2. Add the microG F-Droid repo1  9BD06727E62796C0130EB6DAB39B73157451582CBD138E86C468ACC395D14165
  3. Search for and install:
    • microG DroidGuard Helper
    • microG Services Core
    • microG Services Framework Proxy
  4. Open the microG Services Core Settings and setup your account, device registration, Google Cloud Messaging, and Google SafetyNet.
  5. Install the Amazon App Store apk
  6. Search for and install Pandora
  7. Open Pandora, sign in with your account and enjoy

Let me know your success or failures so I can sure with others or update as needed. Please try to be as specific as possible. Looking for device, ROM, Android version, microG version, and Pandora Version. Send your info via my contact form.

  • Android Version 10 on a Pixel 3a
  • Amazon Appstore Version 32.51.0000
  • F-Droid Version 1.7.1
  • microG Version
  • Pandora Version 1812.2
  • ROM: GrapheneOS QP1A.191105.003


  1. Check for latest directions if these don’t work ↩︎

Randy Rowland
Randy Rowland
Security Engineer

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