Why I Decided to Build a Website

A journey in building a personal website

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Over the past decade I have used many free website builders. I used about.me as a way to advertise myself for potential jobs. The site is not very powerful, as it is just a single page that has a little bio and links. The site functions as a gateway that leads you to a few of my other sites. There is no way to make posts to it. That was not very helpful as people would still have to go to my GitHub or Blogger. I then tried out WordPress but I could not get the theme to show my posts I had written. The pages and links were quirky and I had difficulty getting it to display the way I wanted.


There are so many different platforms out there, it was difficult to find one that met my needs. For the time being, I started to jot down my notes in gists. The other day I happen to stumble across MkDocs and how it integrates with GitHub Pages. I gave it a whirl and was pleased with the experience. However, it still did not make for the best looking personal website. I moved it to document my projects. This led me to Hugo and specifically the Academic theme.


As I learn more about Git, programming, networking, and really my passions in general, I wanted a place to share my thoughts. It also allows me to come back and reference what I learned when I haven’t used a skill for awhile. I hope that not only does this help me in remembering what I have learned but may also help others. As I move things from my Gists and notes to this website, references to where I received pictures/graphics, code snippets, etc might be missing. I am not a graphic artist and do not take credit for any images which might be missing the reference. As I work towards improving this site int he future, I will give credit where credit is due. I will also work on providing links to reference of my conclusions.

I do not claim to be an expert in any subject and there might be mistakes or outdated material. As I said, I am learning. So if you see something that does not make sense, use the form to email me. Be sure to include what page, the issue, and how to fix it.


Randy Rowland
Randy Rowland
Security Engineer

If you see errors or have more information on what you just read, please use my contact form to inform me. Thank you.